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Ardo investment with respect for nature
Datum: 4-8-2009

Ardo started its vegetable growing and trading activities in the fifties on the family farm in Ardooie. In 1977 this site became the base for Ardo’s first production unit. The future of this Ardooie-based company within the European Ardo group has carried out a thorough analysis which resulted in a far-reaching investment plan with most works to be completed by the summer 2009.

The main focus of the investment was a 35m high European distribution centre with a storage capacity of 32,000 pallets. Storax Benelux was granted the order for the high-bay racking structure.

With 10 loading bays and a completely automated stock management, it will take maximum 30 minutes to load a lorry with frozen fruits and vegetables.

This fully automated and central storage centre in Ardooie means that Ardo is able to benefit from economies of scale and to offer more efficient services with specific concentration in northern Europe.

During the long months of preparation before the construction of the distribution centre, the company consulted residents in the vicinity to discuss environmentfriendly factors.

Here is a brief summary of some of the most important points:

  • Reduced traffic along the road
  • Qualitative and rational energy consumption
  • Green zone
  • A sympathetic ear for environment-friendly acoustics
  • Employee-friendly action plan
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Schedule distribution center

  • before the summer break 2008 : concrete floor
  • after the summer break : put up shelves
  • before the end of 2008 : install panels
  • 1st quarter 2009 : assemble the inside
  • 2nd quarter 2009 : test and finish
  • summer 2009 : start up

Information source: Ardo nv, B-8850 Ardooie

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